Steve Barton


Originally from New Hampshire, Barton’s success as an artist began early. His mother, an oil painter herself, inspired and encouraged him to paint. After studying at Rhode Island School of Design, Barton desired to broaden his search for subject matter. He traveled to the West Coast,where his paintings took on the dreamlike quality that we experience today. Presently, Barton donates his time by doing painting demonstrations for students worldwide, and has spent time in Russia speaking to students of all ages about painting and setting goals in life. Barton’s work is on display in more than 40 galleries, covering over a dozen states, including Hawaii, New York, Florida, California and even Puerto Rico.

Known for his wavy canvas and frames. The “Wavy” concept was created by Steve in 1999 and is a testament to his creativity. The Wavy Frame was designed to bring the frame into the work of art, creating a single unit. Together, the painting and frame invite you to walk around the room, viewing the scene from different angles as the natural shadow lines of the canvas subtly change the tone of the scene. His framing technique is copyrighted and patented, insuring collectors of his art a unique piece of collector art. He paints with oils on canvas, embellished giclee on canvas, sufboards, Disney Characters, Beach Scenes, Tropical Landscapes, Lake Tahoe and more. With strong brush strokes, rich textures, and vibrant colors, Steve Barton brings life to each painting. With scenes of cottages, tropical wonderlands and bright flowers, he creates an elegant casualness.