Original Acrylic on Canvas – This painting commemorates a 13th century Scottish hero. Inspired by a friend that was putting together an art show at a Scottish festival. It is a beautiful landscape and monument; I thought it would make strong piece.


Who the heck am I, and why do I like art? I guess I can start at… A very young age picking up a pencil and being amazed that a person can create with something so simple which is made of wood and lead. I did my first painting at age twelve – not in art class but history class. At that time, I also fell in love with sculpting. Living in New England, I had many opportunities of making big sculptures in the snow each Winter. Snowmen weren’t my forte. Always partaking in as much art as possible and enjoying it, I was working in any medium I could get my hands on. I have never pursued art school, wanting instead to save it for my later years. Working in the trades, I have rebuilt engines and restored classic cars, air brushed art on cars to tee shirts; from remodeled homes and painted fine art on the wall. I have done cabinetry and fine inlays with exotic woods. Having a passion for sculpting and model making, I have created three dimensional art pieces in stone and cast resin. For me, painting by far is the most peaceful medium. My goal is to create art that will translate to the viewer my impressions of the irony and obscurity of life.